søndag 27. mars 2011

Test of Transfer-Eze

I have been testing a product called Transfer-Eze. I suppose someone of you has already tried it as well. The instructions are easy to understand, and it is not difficult to figure out how to use the paper. You use your ordinary printer to print your stitchery designs on, then you peel the backing paper off, and put the Eze paper on top of your fabric. Then you can start to embroder. I was not able to fit my project in the embrodery hoop, but I did not need to, because the Eze added enough stability, and it made fabrick stiff, so that made it easy to stitch. I printet my design in black color, but I think I will try to print the design with light grey color the next time, then it will be easier to see where my last stitch is. If you want to embroder on dark fabrik, this paper will be alot of help. The paper was easy to remove in water, so overall I am pleased with the product. The only thing that is a bit difficult, is if I want to color my embrodery design before I sew, that I can not do. But I can off course color it afterwards, that will work too.

onsdag 2. mars 2011

Mug rugs in my mailbox

I got mail, and the kind that the postman deliver. It was a parcel from my swapfriend Anita. Two pretty mugrugs for me to use when I drink my coffee. I love them.